...the everyday moments with the people you love are the most important moments of your life...


They say your Wedding Day is the most important day of your life.  We disagree.  We believe in the everyday moments.  The moment your baby takes his first steps.  The moments you spend out on the patio at 8 am in the cool autumn morning, giving thanks for each full breath.  The moment your stomach hurts so much from all the belly laughs you've had with your childhood best friends.  The moment you finally get the promotion you've been workings towards. The moment you wrap your arms around your 18 year old graduating high schooler and you just hold them before dropping them off at college.

These are the moments we believe that make up your life.  

They involve you and the ones you would do anything for.  You don't need to get dressed up to celebrate these moments.  You just need to know that they exist and you need to embrace them.  

Life is made up of these moments.  What are you doing to celebrate them?  How will you capture your most important moments? Embrace them now, because before you realize it, they will be gone.  


Studio Sessions

Creating amazing experiences everyday for our family clients at Alimond Studio.

What do you believe in?



The Alimond Family

Photography Sessions

STEP ONE: Sign up for one of two sessions: The Full or Half Session. Once you are signed up you will receive an email with details regarding how to get ready for your session.  

Location: If you choose the Full Session you may choose where you would like for your photo session captured; either on location or in studio, or a mix! The Half Session location choices are either in studio or in the downtown Leesburg area.

STEP TWO: Choose your date and time by clicking HERE. You will receive a confirmation email and you will be all set!  Your email will also include helpful instructions for you to get ready prior to your session.

STEP THREE: Arrive at your session ready to have fun!


STEP FOUR: After your photo shoot, we will select and gently edit your best files for your viewing session!  Once you pay for your digital collection you may add on additional prints & albums.  We will get them print ready and call you to pick them up once they arrive and are ready to go home with you!


STEP FIVE: Take them home to enjoy & love!


Alimond Family Photography 

Alimond Family Photography Studio is created with busy families in mind.  Even though your life is in a constant state of going somewhere, you understand the importance of documenting your growing family, whether they are babies or teenagers.  This is why we have created our Alimond Family Edition to help you get professional photos of you and your kids' special moments through the years.  We make it easy with a super simply process to book and plan your sessions.

The way we price our family sessions.  The session fee is paid before booking the session and is for time with the photographer to create your beautiful portraits with you.  After your session, you will purchase the digital collection and may add on additional prints and albums.   Please see the different pricing below for the Full & Half Sessions at Alimond Studio.

Prints/digital files are not included in the session fee.  Digital collections are purchased after your session.  You will have the opportunity to add on additional prints and albums as well.

The Studio Team

Aliyah - Photographer & Owner

Aliyah is the owner and photographer at Alimond Studio.  With a family of her own, she understands how important it is to create and document the fleeting moments you have with your family.  She is passionate about capturing who you truly are as a family and creating magazine worthy images of your children and family.

Amira - Studio Manager

Amira helps keep everything together here at the studio.  She guarantees you'll have an amazing experience and will help you make decisions about what to wear or how to prepare for your session.  She is here to hold your hand as you book your session and get you ready to create amazing photos you'll cherish for the rest of your life. 

Raymond - Marketing Manager

Raymond is the marketing manager here at Alimond Studio.  With a Master's Degree in Marketing and as a United States Army Veteran, he is passionate about creating experiences for you and your family.  After serving in Iraq, he understands what its like to not know whether or not you'll get to see your baby take his first steps and values documenting these moments forever so you'll always have them close to your heart no matter what happens.